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On the one hand, the real and/or legal entity, which will be referred to as the Customer in the following articles, and on the other hand, Selimoğlu Restaurant Management Trade Limited Company, which will be referred to as the hotel in the following articles; will be referred to as the parties in the following articles.

These parties; They acknowledge that this contract is an official offer, that it contains all the conditions for the provision of paid accommodation services, that all the conditions stated below are binding on the parties, and that they have concluded this contract within the scope of the following articles.

I. Your Personal Data

Personal data; It refers to all kinds of information regarding an identified or identifiable natural person. According to the Labor Law No. 4857, the Data Controller is the person who works under an employment contract and whose personal data is obtained through business relations; It processes identity, contact, address, family and closeness, criminal record, visual, education, finance, personnel and health data. Within the scope of Law No. 4857, real persons employed by subcontractors who work in a part of the main work or in auxiliary works and employees employed by suppliers with whom a supplier agreement has been signed for the purpose of service provision; identity, contact, criminal record, visual, financial, personal and health information of subcontractors and suppliers; identity, contact, visual, signature and financial information of real persons doing internship within the scope of Vocational Education Law No. 3308; Identity, contact, criminal record, visual, financial, personal and health information of employee candidates who have applied for a job by any means or who have made their CV and related information available for review by our company; identity, contact, education, address information; identity, contact, address, visual and financial data of customers staying at the hotel; identity, contact, financial and visual data of customers using the hotel restaurant only; identity, contact, address, financial and visual data of the customer who organizes an event at the hotel; identity, contact, address, visual and financial data of their customers; identity, contact and visual data of event participants; third parties such as family members, relatives and former employees; identity information of natural persons who are visitors who have entered the physical premises owned by the company for various purposes; It processes identity and visual information.

II. Purposes of Processing Your Personal Data

  • Fulfilling legal obligations,

  • Carrying out corporate sustainability activities,

  • Management of relationships with suppliers and subcontractors,

  • Carrying out personnel recruitment processes,

  • Job offers can be offered to job applicants again if there is a suitable position, and for this purpose, their CVs and notes of interviews and reference inquiries made during the job application evaluation period are kept;

  • Making recommendations to you for position and task changes of personnel according to their areas of interest and competence,

  • Providing job-related training to company personnel,

  • Conducting internal audit and legal procedures,

  • Conducting and developing corporate management and communication activities,

  • Planning and execution of marketing and sales operations,

  • Request and complaint management,

  • Providing information regarding legislation to authorized persons or organizations,

  • Ensuring security within the hotel,

  • Creation of customer records,

  • Carrying out various advertising and marketing activities,

  • Obtaining the opinion of the data owner through surveys and polls,

  • Identifying, customizing and developing suitable products, projects and services for data owners,

  • Providing the service to customers effectively and completely,

  • Ensuring the security and order of events,

  • Creating and tracking visitor records,

  • Sending catalogs or articles about campaigns to data owners,

  • Keeping data up to date,

  • Transferring data for storage,

  • Copying/backing up data to prevent data loss,

  • It may be processed for the purposes of storing your information that must be kept in accordance with legal legislation, backing it up to prevent information loss, taking all necessary measures to ensure the security of your information, and similar purposes.

III. Transfer of Personal Data

  • The Data Controller will be able to transfer your personal data to relevant persons and organizations at home and abroad, within the scope of the relevant legal legislation, in the following cases:

  • The Data Controller and authorized persons acting on behalf and on behalf of the Data Controller, individuals and companies with whom we will cooperate in order to provide technical maintenance services and data storage-server services, our lawyers, auditors and other individuals and companies from whom consultants and services are received, those authorized by you,   To all other official institutions such as administrative and judicial authorities and other public institutions or organizations authorized to request your personal data within the scope of the identification law; Your personal data may be transferred to the banks where your salary and other payments will be made.

  • Your personal data may be shared with program partner institutions and organizations with which we cooperate in order to carry out our Data Controller activities, with domestic/international individuals and institutions from which we receive services for storing data in the cloud, with domestic/foreign organizations with which we have agreements to send commercial electronic messages we send within the scope of permission, and with various marketing organizations in order to provide better service. Within the scope of its activities, it can be shared with survey companies and other domestic/international third parties with our relevant business partners in accordance with Articles 8 and 9 of the Law.

IV. Method and Legal Reason for Collecting Personal Data

  • Data Controller your personal data; service contract, subcontracting contract, purchase-sale contract, accommodation contract, event contract, etc. It processes personal data for the purpose of establishing contracts and fulfilling contractual requirements and legal obligations, and special personal data for these legal reasons, provided that the person concerned has the express consent.  

  • Personal data of relevant persons may be obtained directly through other face-to-face channels, contract formation stages, e-mail, text message, business card sharing, security cameras and all kinds of written, oral and electronic media.

V. Your Rights Regarding the Protection of Personal Data By applying to the DATA CONTROLLER in accordance with Article 11 of the Law,

  • Learning whether your personal data is being processed or not,

  • If it has been processed, request information about it,

  • Learning the purpose of processing your personal data and whether they are used for their intended purpose,

  • Knowing the third parties to whom personal data are transferred domestically or abroad, Requesting correction of personal data if they are incomplete or incorrectly processed,

  • Requesting the deletion or destruction of your personal data within the framework of the conditions stipulated in Article 7 of the Law,

  • To request that the transactions carried out in accordance with your rights in the form of correction, deletion and destruction stated above be notified to third parties to whom personal data has been transferred,

  • Object to the emergence of a result against you by analyzing your processed personal data exclusively with automatic systems,

  • Request compensation for your losses in case you suffer damage due to unlawful processing of your personal data,

  • You have the rights.

VI. Communication

  • You can send your questions and requests regarding the implementation of the Personal Data Protection Law (via notary, KEP, etc.) to “POLONEZKÖY MH SEYRİ CAD. AYTAÇ KİKMAZI NO:2 BEYKOZ/İSTANBUL” or by phone at 0216 432-33-66 or in writing to In order for your questions and requests to be answered, your request must be clear and concise.

  • Click for the personal data protection and processing policy.

  • Click for the clarification text regarding personal data processed through security cameras.

  • Click for the KVKK application form.


  • 7.1. Unforeseen circumstances such as adverse weather conditions, strike-lockout, terrorism, military operation, flood, fire, etc. will be considered as force majeure. If such situations occur, the hotel may not continue to provide service.

  • 7.2. Hotel, Eid or New Year etc. reserves the right to change the programs of other special days for reasons not related to the hotel.

  • 7.3. The Customer accepts, declares and undertakes that the Regional Courts have jurisdiction in resolving disputes arising under this agreement.

  • 7.4. The hotel reserves the right to compensate the material and moral amounts incurred due to damage, destruction and/or lost parts caused by the Customer in his/her room and general areas.

  • 7.5. The Customer must not send any goods, items or promotional materials subject to customs on behalf of the Hotel's employees. The hotel is not responsible for customs procedures in any way.

  • 7.6. According to the law, smoking is prohibited in closed areas of the hotel. These prohibitions will be determined within the framework of the law. Therefore, the use of any kind of cigarettes or tobacco products inside the Hotel is not allowed except for the specified guest rooms.

  • 7.7.This contract will come into effect with the Reservation number given to the Customer by the Hotel after the Customer makes the reservation and makes the payment, and will end when the Customer leaves the Hotel.


  • Cancellations are valid for reservations made for a minimum of 3 nights and a maximum of 14 nights, and the reservation must be made at least 20 days before entering the facility.

  • Cancellation does not include requested date or name changes on the same product. In case of change requests, the existing product is returned. If a new date, product or name change is requested, a new reservation will be opened and pricing will be made according to the current conditions.

  • Domestic Cancellation-Change application is valid for 2020-2021 accommodations

  • For cancellations made up to 7 days after arrival, the entire stay will be refunded. For cancellations made 6 days or less before arrival, a deduction of at least 2 nights' accommodation will be made.

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