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On the one hand, the real and/or legal entity, which will be referred to as the Customer in the following articles, and on the other hand, Selimoğlu Restaurant Management Trade Limited Company, which will be referred to as the hotel in the following articles; will be referred to as the parties in the following articles.

These parties; They acknowledge that this contract is an official offer, that it contains all the conditions for the provision of paid accommodation services, that all the conditions stated below are binding on the parties, and that they have concluded this contract within the scope of the following articles.


  • 1.0 The full payment must be made by the Customer's cancellation request 7 (Seven) days before the date of entry to the Hotel. 1.2. If the payment is forwarded to the Hotel by one of the methods in the article, the payment made will be paid by the Hotel for commissions, taxes, etc. within 30 (thirty) business days following this request. It will be refunded to him/her after deducting the expenses.

  • 1.3. If the cancellation request is made earlier than 7 days from the Customer's check-in date to the Hotel, the full refund of the accommodation fee received from the Customer will not be possible and the Customer will irrevocably accept that he/she has paid this amount to the hotel as a penalty.
    declared. In accordance with this agreement, if value added tax is required for penal clauses and other compensations to be paid by the Customer, the customer is obliged to pay the applicable value added tax.

  • 1.4. During reservation registration, refunds or refunds made from payments made by credit card will be deposited by the hotel back to the bank account to which the credit card of the Customer was made and/or the bank account to which the payment was sent.

  • 1.5. In all refund transactions, the Hotel charges no commissions, taxes, etc. will be refunded to the Customer by deducting the costs.

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