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About Villa Polonez

We host you in our home.

To make you feel at home!

We first opened our house, where we spent our childhood and accumulated memories for about 25 years, in 2016.dirt restaurantThen, with a capacity of 8 rooms boutique hotelWe converted it to . We started this project as two brothers from a house. Boutique Hotel and RestaurantWhen converting to Villa Polonez'ofhome temperatureWe took care to protect . Our guests,will make you feel at home We aimed to host you with comfort. During this entire transformation process, my main profession, architecture, made a great contribution to our business.

In 2019, T.R. We received from the Ministry of CultureSpecial Facility Certificate withBest Boutique Hotel and Restaurant facilities in IstanbulWe joined them. With an understanding open to innovations,Villa Polonez We always prioritize our service quality and guest satisfaction. We are happy to continue our journey together with you, our valued guests...


As Villa Polonez, we would be happy to host you in all your events. We are here to offer our guests an experience that will make them feel like they are at home. Please contact us for detailed information and reservation.

Boutique Hotel

Villa Polonez offers an accommodation experience in a calm and peaceful atmosphere. A comfortable accommodation and a relaxing holiday awaits you in our carefully designed rooms with a capacity of eight rooms, consisting of Standard, Deluxe and Suite rooms.


We offer our passion and experience in gastronomy at Villa Polonez Restaurant. We provide our guests with an unforgettable dining experience with delicious meals and special menus.

Countryside Wedding Venue

Hold your wedding in the lap of nature, in a venue decorated with the unique beauties of Polonezköy. The garden of Villa Polonez offers a wonderful option for couples dreaming of a romantic wedding.


Corporate Events

To meet the needs of the business world, Villa Polonez offers an ideal environment for professional meetings and events. Our indoor halls help you organize your business meetings efficiently with technical equipment and special services.

Concerts and Outdoor Activities

Villa Polonez offers the perfect venue for outdoor events and concerts. Its large garden and natural view make your outdoor events unforgettable.

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